Where and when do you meet?

Our Sunday service is held at the Banff Trail Community Center, 2115 20th Ave. NW in Calgary. Our service usually starts at 10:00 AM.


Where do I park?

Lots of parking right in front of the building.


So what are your services like?

We usually start with a time of singing praise and worship. The music is typically contemporary. We welcome people getting involved - clapping hands, raising their arms, dancing even - but only to the extent they are comfortable to do so. 

We then have a quick opportunity to greet and welcome one another, after which our kids head off to their Sunday School program.

After announcements, there is an opportunity for anyone to share a thanksgiving or testimony or a word from the Lord.  We welcome people to move in any gift of the Holy Spirit as well. All in all, its a great opportunity to encourage and be encouraged.

That leads to a brief time of prayer, and then we have a time of teaching from the Word. 

Tea, coffee and treats are served after the service, where there is plenty of time to meet people and ask questions.

We usually celebrate communion the last Sunday of the month, and some times more frequently.


How long is your service?

Our Sunday morning service is typically about two hours - time flies when you are having fun!


Do you have a dress code?

We require that you wear clothes.  As to style, no requirements at all.  Some of us dress casually, some dress a little more formally - whatever people are comfortable in.


Is your building accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, the Banff Trail Community Center where we hold our Sunday services is fully accessible.


What about kids?

Jesus likes kids, and so do we! Children are welcome in our service, and we don't expect too much from them.  Kids are with their families the first part of our service, and go to Sunday School part way through.


Am I expected to join in with everything going on?

Not at all - you are welcome to participate as much as you feel comfortable.


I still have some more questions.

Great! We're pretty approachable - feel free to get a hold of us by phone or email, or ask away after any of our services.